Incredible Doom #4 - Part 3

Everyone can read the newest part of issue #4 regardless if they are a member or not. I can remember laying in parks alone with a walkman. In my memory I was listening to III by Sebadoh for the first time. I listened from the beginning to the end. It was a hell of an evening. 

Thank you for reading and supporting the project. Thank you so much. 

Matthew Bogart
Incredible Doom #04 - Part 2

I just posted the second update to issue #4.

This update features all kinds of references. The Amiga computer and "carding" were thanks conversations with archivist and fantastic podcaster Jason Scott. The cassette artwork for the album by The Disappointments was actually a version of the first artwork I was ever paid to do. It was an album cover for the band The GC5 in 1998. I'll always be grateful to them for that. Also, the whole concept of Evol house and the Evol BBS was inspired by a story told to me by writer and filmmaker Chris Higgins.

I hope you like the update. As always, if you'd like to support the project, read ahead in the story, and get print copies mailed to your door, check out the Patreon. 

Thanks for reading!


Matthew Bogart
Incredible Doom #04 - Part 1

It's been a rough couple months of sickness on this end. I've had a cough since December 11th, which recently turned itself into pneumonia. I'm feeling better now but  I'll be playing catch up for a while. It doesn't stop the new update, however! 

This issue sees the return of Richard and Tina from issue #2. 

Speaking of issue #2, it's starting to show up in members mailboxes! If you'd like one for your own, along with the "feelie",  you can order it from the shop

It's also available as a DRM free digital download on Comixology

On top of that issue #1 was the third highest selling issue distributed by the great Emerald Comics Distro!  

That's all! Be back with more soon. 


Matthew Bogart